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NFL Power Rankings: Washington Redskins Shoot Higher On RG3's Strong Debut

The Washington Redskins started the 2012 season in the basement, but if Week 2's NFL Power Rankings are any indication, the experts don't think they'll finish there. Robert Griffin III's huge debut and the Redskins' win over the New Orleans Saints on the road shot them up nine slots in this week's ESPN power rankings. They find themselves all the way up at No. 15, from which they'll be looking down as they take on the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

The Rams, for their part, rose too—though their Moral Victory at Detroit, tinged as it was by their Actual Loss and the hobbling of most of their offensive line, was only worth one spot. Jumping over the Miami Dolphins to get to No. 27 from No. 28 might not impress most fanbases, but the Rams fans who are left, here in 2012, are ready to be excited by just about anything.

If Sam Bradford, having gotten a vote of confidence in this year's big draft trade, can outplay RG3 on Sunday despite that awful offensive line—well, that might be another possible recipe for a nine-spot leap.