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Wii U Will Make It Easier To Follow Your Fantasy Football Without Annoying Your Friends

Universal fact of internet and real life: Nobody outside your fantasy football league cares about your fantasy football team. Enter the Wii U and its new, adorably named "Nintendo TVii" feature. Your friends may be polite enough to listen to your story of how pissed off you were when Jamaal Charles got hurt, or how desperate you were when you picked up Brandon Gibson off the waiver wire, but what they're really hearing is, "I don't pay any attention to actual football, and am also a narcissist."




So turn on your Wii U, come Thanksgiving, and follow the drive chart and stats on the GamePad, which apparently will provide something like this as a service for football fans and people who don't want you to hog the computer and the TV all day while you sit on StatTracker and yell at Aaron Rodgers.


I mean, don't get me wrong—I'm going to buy a Wii U so that I can play Smash Brothers for seven hours in a row with my college friends. But you can buy a Wii U to make your fantasy football habit a little more low key.