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Robert Griffin III Goes Into Week 2 Nearly Perfect

Robert Griffin III didn't just live up to the hype in his first game with the Washington Redskins—he exceeded it. That is, if you were just expecting him to be pretty good and loaded with potential in 2012, you probably weren't expecting him to lead off, in a win over the New Orleans Saints, going 19-for-26 with 320 yards passing and two touchdowns. You might have expected him to play well, but you might not have expected him to finish in the Football Outsiders' DYAR Top 5, even with Peyton Manning and everybody else except for a supercharged Matt Ryan.

Given his workload, Griffin really couldn't have played any better than he did. Which means that the St. Louis Rams are going to get him at the height of his bandwagon's over-stuffedness. So what will they do to RG3?

It's hard to say. But regression to the mean suggests that, no matter how well they play him, he won't quite be as dangerous against the Rams as he was against the Saints. Which would be great, if the Rams were any more likely to score 30 points than they were 40...