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In 2012, Sam Bradford Is Still Seeking A Great Game For St. Louis Rams

At Mike Sando's NFC West blog, a new way of looking at Sam Bradford's relatively disappointing St. Louis Rams tenure to date. Hint—it involves another comparison of Bradford to Robert Griffin III. After one game, RG3 has a Great Game under his belt. After 27 games, Sam Bradford does not.

Bradford, in fact, per QBR, has just two games over 70 in his NFL career. (Alex Smith, since 2008, has 10.) Other numbers tell you a similar story—he's got three 300-yard games, one game in which he's averaged more than eight yards per pass attempt, six games where he's thrown more than one touchdown and nine more in which he hasn't thrown any.

Sam Bradford's intermittent adequacy hasn't been in question as a Ram—what's been disappointing and strange is how rarely he's shown flashes of anything more than that. Robert Griffin III has already shown the NFL what Robert Griffin III can do; Sam Bradford has begun to narrow the NFL's idea of what Sam Bradford can do.

And now, no pressure, he's going to get the RG3-trade-talk all day in the Rams' home opener a week after putting together a perfectly good start against the Detroit Lions.