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Robert Griffin III Trade Already A Win In Washington Redskins Press

Here's some locker room material for--well, Les Snead, I guess? The Washington Redskins' trade with the St. Louis Rams for Robert Griffin III has already been vindicated, according to the Washington Post, by RG3's stellar Week 1 performance. That's before Griffin even plays the Rams--let alone before the Rams even take the other picks they received in return for the Other Next Big Thing. If all this stings a little, in the wake of the inevitable Sam Bradford comparisons--well, that's probably just as inevitable as the comparisons themselves.

To shout "small sample size!" about this article is probably beyond the point--but probably also worth doing. Griffin had one of the NFL's best games last Sunday, but if the Redskins run into problems this year they'll have limited their own ability to right them via the draft over the next two years.

I'm also a little wary of the comparison to the New York Giants' trade with the San Diego Chargers--if RG3 is only ever as good as Eli Manning, the Redskins are probably no more likely to win the Super Bowl than they would have been with the third best quarterback in the draft and the rest of those picks.

That said--he looked, on Sunday, much better than Eli Manning. And I don't think anybody will complain, except for Rams fans, if he's able to show similar flashes for the rest of the season.