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St. Louis Rams Need 4th-Quarter Sam Bradford To Return Vs. Washington Redskins

The St. Louis Rams haven't seen the Sam Bradford they drafted very often, and every time he shows up it's cause for a renewed optimism about their beleaguered offense. After three listless quarters in their 2012 opener The Sam Bradford showed up in the fourth quarter, going 6-for-8 for 84 yards and a touchdown and nearly winning the game for the Rams. He probably won't keep his completion percentage up around 75 percent, but they'll need that kind of efficiency and those occasional looks downfield if they want to compete against the sainted Robert Griffin and the Redskins.

Unfortunately, there are reasons Bradford hasn't shown that form very often--his offensive line is ragged even when it's healthy, and his wide receivers are led by Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson. But if Steven Jackson can, say, average more than three yards per carry vs. the Redskins, Bradford will have more help than the Rams' offense managed for him last Sunday.

And if he can just be Sam Bradford again--well, that's part of being a Rams fan, at this point: Hoping that the Sam Bradford you see on Sunday is the Sam Bradford you hoped for back in 2010.