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Andrew Luck Loves Donnie Avery, Because There's No Justice In The World

Andrew Luck has a favorite target, in the Indianapolis Colts' Week 2 matchup with the Minnesota Vikings, and it's Donnie Avery. Yes: The Donnie Avery who wasn't around to be Sam Bradford's favorite target back in 2010 after a devastating preseason injury. The Donnie Avery who would have been a nice deep threat late in 2011, but was cut so that the Rams could keep all those other wide receivers around a little longer. That Donnie Avery has five receptions for 74 yards with Andrew Luck--he's a stabilizing veteran influence after a rough NFL debut.


Because there's no justice in the whole world.


So Andrew Luck is having a great game. And Sam Bradford, meanwhile, will meet Robert Griffin III, another self-actualized rookie quarterback who's turned his team around already, in Week 2. I don't think that having Donnie Avery around in 2010 and 2011 would create an alternate universe in which the Rams are Super Bowl champions, exactly, but his health might be the jumping-off point for an alternate universe in which Sam Bradford's career yards-per-attempt is somewhere north of six, and somebody else traded the Washington Redskins the No. 2 overall pick after having an unwatchable season in 2011.


But that's just speculation. Meanwhile, Donnie Avery caught another ball--he's now got six receptions for 78 yards. You're welcome, Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck, you are so very, very welcome.