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Redskins Vs. Rams: Danny Amendola Fumbles, Washington Scores To Get On Board In 1st Minute

Without Robert Griffin III's help, the Washington Redskins are on the board--they lead the St. Louis Rams 7-0 20 seconds into the game's first quarter, in a turn of events that's just about taken the wind out of St. Louis's opening-day sails. Things worked out well for Sam Bradford and the Rams offense for approximately half of one play; Bradford completed a 10-yard pass to Danny Amendola, but Amendola fumbled, the Redskins recovered, and they took it all the way back for the game's first score.

Now the Rams' offense is back in business, with one brutal turnover putting them down by a touchdown with more than 14 minutes still to go in the first. The Rams' offense seems unable to afford to play with this kind of handicap; it'll be up to Bradford and company to prove otherwise, in their second attempt to get off to a good start in the Edward Jones Dome opener. It'll be approximately seven points harder than the first shot.

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