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Rams Vs. Redskins Score: Robert Griffin III, St. Louis Fouls Put Washington On Top 14-3

The St. Louis Rams' intensity helped them stop Robert Griffin III in the Washington Redskins' first offensive drive, but it helped them score in the second--two personal fouls gave the Redskins 21 crucial yards on the way to RG3's five-yard run into the end zone, which put the Redsins up by a score of 14-3 at the end of the first quarter. The replacement referees have already come in for their share of criticism in the game's first 15 minutes, but the Rams simply can't afford to give this Redskins team yards like that.

Eugene Sims and Robert Quinn, who had a big sack on Griffin in that first drive, were called for the penalties. Griffin's 3-for-5 for 30 yards so far, with four carries for 15 yards and the touchdown, but the Rams have also struggled to stop RB Alfred Morris, who has six carries for 44 yards so far. It's been a rough, unrefined performance for the Rams' defense so far; for every big play they've made, they've given another back. Jeff Fisher can't be happy.

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