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Rams Vs. Redskins Score Robert Griffin III, Leonard Hankerson Connect For 68-Yard Touchdown, Washington Leads 21-6

The St. Louis Rams are, at this point, probably more bewildered by the shockingly bad officiating they've seen so far than anything going on on the field. That's one reasonable explanation for Leonard Hankerson and Robert Griffin III beating Janoris Jenkins for a 68-yard touchdown pass that put the Washington Redskins up 21-6 with just over six minutes left in the second quarter. That leaves Griffin at 6-for-8 for 110 yards and a touchdown, putting him on the way to a second outstanding game in two weeks.

Unfortunately for the NFL, that won't be the story that comes out of Week 2, no matter how brilliant Griffin ends up. The Rams have lost two clear touchdowns to the replacement referees in the first half of this game, and the result has been an environment on the Edward Jones Dome field--not to mention in the stands--that's close to boiling all the way over. If the replacement refs were unacceptable from the beginning, September 16 could be the day a lot of fans come to agree.

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