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Rams Vs. Redskins Score: Sam Bradford Stupendous As St. Louis Takes 23-21 Lead

Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams took the lead in the third quarter of their Week 2 home opener against the Washington Redskins, replacement referees or no replacement referees. Bradford, in the midst of the best game of his career, went to Steve Smith to get downfield at the start of the third after relying almost exclusively on Danny Amendola in the first half, and Brandon Gibson made a nice catch on a great throw to get Bradford his second touchdown pass of the night--and the Rams their first lead, on a 23-21 score.

After losing two touchdowns to some of the worst replacement referee play we've seen all year, the Rams' offense has looked unstoppable; overall Bradford is 19-for-26 for 240 yards and two touchdowns, showing an efficiency we simply never saw from the Oklahoma alum in his first two years as the Rams' official Franchise Savior.

There's still a long way to go, but the St. Louis Rams are back in a game that seemed lost almost from the game's first play, and Sam Bradford has everything to do with it.