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Steven Jackson Injury Another Uncertainty In Rams Vs. Redskins Circus

A Steven Jackson injury would be just another strange storyline in the St. Louis Rams' weird ref-hindered dogfight with the Washington Redskins Sunday afternoon. A Steven Jackson phantom injury, though? That's more like it.

Jackson left immediately after earning an unsportsmanlike conduct call in the wake of a goal-line run that was incorrectly called as a non-touchdown, and some wore worried that Jeff Fisher had benched him for spiking the ball. (Bernie Miklasz has more about that on Sulia.) But there might be more pragmatic--and more worrying--reasons for the Rams to bring in Daryl Richardson for most of their rush attempts since, especially since Jackson began the afternoon with nine rushes for 58 yards.

That, of course, is another weird factor in the Rams' opaque running back situation: What's going on with Isaiah Pead, who's still yet to make his first regular-season carry? It looks like he's lost his backup running back job to the seventh-rounder Richardson, whether Jeff Fisher would characterize it that way or not.

No word yet on Steven Jackson's injury status for Week 3, of course. For more information, stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis's Rams vs. Redskins storystream; we'll update there as soon as we know more.