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Steven Jackson Benched In Rams Vs. Redskins After Missed Touchdown, Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Jeff Fisher has officially put his mark on the St. Louis Rams, and in a big way. We now know that Steven Jackson has been benched, after some question as to whether he was injured. He was removed from the game after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty following a goal-line run that appeared to be mistakenly no-called. He spiked the ball after the non-touchdown, and the referees pushed the Rams back 15 yards for another Greg Zuerlein field goal, and Daryl Richardson has been the Rams' running back ever since, and here in the fourth quarter there's still no word about a Jackson injury.

He's had a pretty good day, too, which leaves Steven Jackson and Isaiah Pead in the doghouse as the Rams try to maintain a 31-28 lead against the Washington Redskins in Week 2. Jackson--who may or may not return today--has nine carries for 58 yards. Daryl Richardson is at seven carries for 70. Pead still hasn't made his first NFL carry.

We'll keep you updated all day on Steven Jackson's increasingly odd bench situation with the Rams on this very storystream. Stay tuned at this link for up-to-the-minute updates on Jackson, Sam Bradford, and the Rams' attempt to win their first game of the season in the midst of a full-on replacement-referee meltdown.