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Rams Vs. Redskins: Robert Griffin III Outdueled By Sam Bradford In 1st Matchup

Robert Griffin III put up huge numbers in Week 1, and midway through the first quarter it looked like he'd be on his way to doing the same thing Week 2 in the Washington Redskins' game vs. the St. Louis Rams. Then the Rams' defense found another gear. Cortland Finnegan picked off his second pass in as many games as a Ram, and RG3 was under pressure all afternoon. Meanwhile, Sam Bradford put together the best game of his career against the man that could have replaced him, going 26-for-35 with 301 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception.

After a week in which Robert Griffin III seemed to be crowned, a little early, the best quarterback on planet earth, it was clear that the Rams' defense was keyed up--sometimes a little too keyed up--to go after him. Robert Quinn picked up an early sack, and the Rams' defensive line, even without rookie DT Michael Brockers, forced him into a string of hurried passes throughout the second half.

There's still a lot of football left to play, but if the 2012 NFL Draft has yoked Sam Bradford and Robert Griffin III together for the rest of their careers, the Rams' beleaguered franchise quarterback won round one pretty decisively.