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Steven Jackson Injury Cause For Removal From Game, Per Jeff Fisher

Steven Jackson benched-gate appears to have been a non-issue--or an injury issue, to be more specific. Like the rest of the internet we were convinced, by the end of the St. Louis Rams' 31-28 win over the Washington Redskins, that Jeff Fisher had benched Steven Jackson after the Rams' starting running back picked up an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty during one of the replacement refs' many touchdown-ruining mistakes. But it looks like we were wrong--St. Louis media is now reporting that Jeff Fisher denies Jackson was benched an insists, instead, that he's been dealing with a hamstring injury.

That's... well, either good or bad news for Rams fans, who now know that Jeff Fisher isn't pissed off at the franchise running back but now don't know whether the franchise running back is healthy. We'll update here at SB Nation St. Louis as we know more.

For now, though, I guess we can all continue to wonder where the heck Isaiah Pead is.