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Rams Vs. Redskins: Danny Amendola Ties 1st-Half Reception Record With 12 Catches

The St. Louis Rams knew going into the season that Danny Amendola would be Sam Bradford's No. 1 target, but few expected it to look quite like this: In the first half of the Rams' Week 2 matchup with the Washington Redskins, Danny Amendola tied the all-time first-half NFL record with 12 receptions. More impressive: He had 133 yards and a touchdown in those 12 catches.

The rest of the Rams' receivers combined, at the half, for five receptions and 48 yards. It was a big start both for Bradford and for Amendola, and each looked remarkably efficient; they'd have come out of the half with considerably more than 16 points if the replacement referees hadn't botched two obvious touchdown calls in the course of alienating everyone who was ever on the NFL's side on this labor dispute.

Amendola missed almost all of last season with what began as a dislocated elbow in Week 1. In 2012 he's shown exactly how important he was to Sam Bradford and the Rams' perceived adequacy back in that 7-9 2010 season. He's also shown how much nicer it is for him to catch almost all the Rams' passes when he actually gets more than 10 yards downfield on occasion.