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Steven Jackson Injury: Jeff Fisher Suggests Benching Due To Daryl Richardson's Performance

In the continued "benched or injured" saga over St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson's departure against the Washington Redskins on Sunday, Rams coach Jeff Fisher said today that Jackson might have re-entered the game if his replacement, Daryl Richardson, wasn't playing so well.

Fisher affirmed the Jackson had a tight groin, and apparently was not benched due to conduct, but felt Richardson was playing well enough to keep Jackson on the bench.

Jackson was removed from the game shortly after picking up an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for spiking the ball after thinking he scored a touchdown when he hadn't. Having rushed for 58 yards on the game, he was replaced by rookie Daryl Richardson. The first-year pro out of Abilene Christian ran 15 times for 83 yards for the Rams.

Richardson did commit a turnover in the last minutes of the game, but St. Louis was able to recover and win -- with help of a Washington unsportsmanlike conduct call.

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