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Steven Jackson Injury Won't Keep Him Out Of Week 3 (If It Exists)

Saying the words "Steven Jackson injury" on the St. Louis Rams internet, here on Tuesday, is a good way of getting laughed at by more jaded fans, if nothing else. Most of them are already convinced he was benched, and that the groin injury he's supposed to have had was a pleasant, public-facing smokescreen deployed by Jeff Fisher after the Rams came back and won and Jackson, presumably, learned his lesson. The good news about this injury, whether it's real or fake: It seems unlikely that it will hinder him in Week 3 against the Chicago Bears.

Fisher, in fact, said in Tuesday's presser that he would have brought Steven Jackson back out if the team hadn't been getting such good play out of seventh-rounder Daryl Richardson, who was having a great night until his fourth quarter fumble nearly cost the Rams the game.

We probably won't ever know what had Steven Jackson on the sidelines last Sunday, at least to the benchgate fans' satisfaction. But whether he was injured or benched in Week 2, he probably won't be in Week 3. And unless you're even more enthusiastic about Daryl Richardson than Jeff Fisher must have been, that's good news.