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Steven Jackson Injury: St. Louis Rams Running Back OK For Week 3

After being benched in the second half of the St. Louis Rams' win over the Washington Redskins, people assumed that Steven Jackson was being punished for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Later, it turned out that he had been pulled from the game because of a hamstring injury, which kept him out for the entire rest of the game.

Fortunately for the Rams, Jackson appears to be fine. At least, he is according to an MRI that he had on his groin. Jackson seemed to indicate in an interview that everything should be OK when Week 3 rolls around.

"Got an MRI this morning," Jackson said. "Everything came back as positive as it can be."

It's not clear whether he will be starting in Week 3, but at the very least we can probably expect to see him on the field for the Rams.

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