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NFL Picks, Week 3: Rams Picked To Upend Bears, Improve To 2-1

The St. Louis Rams are showing some signs of life. They played the Lions tough on the road in Week 1 and took down the Redskins last week. Maybe all of the Jeff Fisher hype was for good reason?

Peter King sure thinks that Fisher has things going in the right direction. He may not be all in on the Rams yet, but he's a believer and he's picking them to beat the Bears 23-20 this weekend.

Let me just say that I think Jeff Fisher and his staff are doing a heck of a job -- and I think the Bears are in trouble with that offensive line and without Matt Forte.

The Bears' offensive line has been horrendous through two weeks, allowing nine sacks and 14 QB hits. The Rams can spend the entire game in the Chicago backfield, which has to make the St. Louis faithful happy after getting so used to watching Sam Bradford get pummeled.

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