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Marshawn Lynch will have Michael Brockers to contend with vs. St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams' young defensive line just got a little better

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Nobody could accuse the St. Louis Rams of lacking a quarterback rush in 2012. Chris Long and Robert Quinn are among the best young defensive ends in football, and through three games they've each got two sacks. Of course, those four sacks are the only ones the team has, and while the team's ability to harrass the passing game is at a recent high heading into Week 4 and their first look at new Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, they could use some help when it comes time to stop running back Marshawn Lynch. Enter: Michael Brockers.

The Rams' rookie defensive tackle has spent his entire career to date—all three games of it—dealing with a preseason high ankle sprain. Now he's back in time for Wilson, and, perhaps most importantly, in time to help the Rams deal with some truly poor run defense. (So far they've made both Kevin Smith and Michael Bush look like world-beaters after injuries to Jahvid Best and Matt Forte.)

Quinn wasn't an immediate contributor—though some of that might have been tentativeness on Steve Spagnuolo's part—and it'd be unfair to expect it from Michael Brockers. But if he can stop just one of the big runs that have victimized the Rams to date against Marshawn Lynch and beast mode, he'll be a major boost. For more on Brockers's return, check out Turf Show Times's feature from Wednesday.