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NHL Lockout: League Cancels Remaining Pre-Season Games

This was kind of a forgone conclusion, but the NHL has officially canceled their remaining preseason games. Fair well, Barclays Center matchup. Ta ta, Kansas City game. And any other Blues games at home you wanted to see? Fat chance. What's the next step for the league? Cancellation of regular season games, of course! With opening night a scant two weeks away and no end to the lockout even remotely on the horizon, keep your eyes and ears peeled for that news to come out of the front offices shortly.

I know a good many people are throwing their hands up and going "who cares". That's understandable, but it's still lost income for teams and lost pay for people who work the preseason games. It's also a missed chance to see the team's prospects fight for roster spots that most will not get. It's these kids' only chance to wear the Bluenote in Scottrade this season probably (or at least until the Blues' top six forwards are hurt) and the lockout's deprived them of that chance to do so.

The Blues are set to open the season on October 12th against the Colorado Avalanche. That is to be a televised game on the NBC Sports Network. Well, it is in theory. Whether it actually will be televised or not is another story.