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Daryl Richardson a fantasy football reach—at least for now

Daryl Richardson's fantasy football prospects weren't the sort of thing I was expecting to cover going into the St. Louis Rams' 2012 season, not even after he blew past Isaiah Pead on the Rams' depth chart. Frantic Steven Jackson owners, though, have officially made it an issue. He's crept up from being not owned at all to being owned in 5.5 percent of ESPN leagues, and if Jackson struggles again vs. the Seattle Seahawks there could be a genuine Daryl Richardson bubble on the way.

Which means I have to say: No, you probably don't have to pick up Daryl Richardson yet, and yes, it would probably be a reach. Not only is Richardson unlikely to crest 10 carries without a legitimate Steven Jackson injury, he also has his own depth chart problem lurking just behind him, the Daryl Richardson to his own Steven Jackson—Isaiah Pead, who doesn't have a foothold on the offense yet but will be given every opportunity to take one if Jackson is indisposed.

Keep an eye on him, sure. Revel in the way he runs directly at holes like he doesn't even realize he's a seventh-round draft pick. But adding him to your fantasy football team? He's got a Hall of Famer and a guy the Rams reached for in the second round to vanquish before you even think about that.