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Marshawn Lynch fantasy football train rolls through St. Louis—is derail likely?

From SB Nation Seattle, a surprising stat about Marshawn Lynch, whom I'll always remember as an intermittently effective malcontent in Buffalo: Since Week 9 of 2011, admittedly an arbitrary endpoint, Marshawn Lynch has 1246 rushing yards, more than anybody else in the NFL. What else he has: 283 carries in 12 games, a Larry Johnsonian pace of 377 over 16 games. (It's even higher in 2012 so far.) Through sheer volume, Marshawn Lynch has turned into a fantasy football star. But will that volume also be the thing that ends his tenure as chief proponent of Beast Mode?

Well, yes, probably, which is just a weird fact about being a durable, carry-hoovering running back: Your primary skill is basically delaying breakdown longer than other people could. Lynch, though, has never topped 285 carries in a season; an incredible 211 of those 285 he had last year came over the season's last nine weeks.

At 26, Lynch isn't near the running back cliff yet, but the way the Seahawks are riding him I'd be surprised if he managed an age-28 season anything like, say, Steven Jackson's in 2011. If you own Lynch this year—well, enjoy the ride. That Larry Johnson year, after all, was pretty incredible in the moment. But if it comes time to draft him again next year, at this rate, I'd probably hold off.