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Rams Vs. Seahawks: Seattle's pass rush could make Sam Bradford's life miserable

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The Seattle Seahawks' defense is 24th in the NFL in pass attempts allowed. They're 10th in passing yards allowed. That mix, coming as it does after the Seahawks have stifled the likes of Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers in back-to-back weeks, is why the St. Louis Rams in general and Sam Bradford in particular could find the sledding rough when the NFC West rivals meet at the Edward Jones Dome Sunday. With Steven Jackson limited by injury, the Rams' running game is unlikely to keep the Seahawks particularly honest on the ground, so it'll be up to Bradford to—you know, to outperform Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers.

The good news: Chris Clemons, who almost single-handedly stopped Rodgers, is unlikely to pick up four sacks for the second week in a row, even against the St. Louis Rams' offensive-line-by-default. The Seahawks are built for the pass rush, but that doesn't mean they can't be stopped; the eight times they clocked Rodgers were four times as many as they managed over the season's first two games.

But somebody's going to have to get open, and he'll have to get open fast—expect a lot of short looks at Danny Amendola, Steven Jackson, and Lance Kendricks. Or expect a lot of sacks.