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Rams vs. Seahawks: Struggling Russell Wilson will face Cortland Finnegan Sunday

Russell Wilson earned the Seattle Seahawks' starting quarterback job as a rookie with no little fanfare, but through four weeks he's had the unfortunate distinction of being most notable for throwing the Hail Mary pseudo-touchdown that ended the replacement referees' reign. After getting just 20 and 21 pass attempts in his last two games, it's clear that the Seahawks plan on easing Wilson into the offense slowly—by means of running Marshawn Lynch into the ground—and that's probably for the best. Because no matter how much has gone wrong in the St. Louis Rams' 1-2 start to the season, their acquisition of Cortland Finnegan has gone exactly right.

Already their free-agent cornerback has three interceptions this season, including a Pick-6, but he's led, more generally, a renaissance of the Rams' moribund secondary. Rookie Janoris Jenkins picked off Matthew Stafford to begin the season, and Finnegan's most-hated-man-in-football routine literally saved the Rams' win vs. the Redskins, when it drove them to a fatal personal foul.

Through three weeks Rams opponents have thrown the ball 31, 29, and 48 times—expect the Seahawks to end up somewhere south of that total. Russell Wilson or no Russell Wilson, it's probably for the best—the Rams' yards allowed per pass attempt, 6.4, is 17th in football, but their yards allowed per carry, at 4.5, is 25th.