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Rams Vs. Seahawks: Greg Zuerlein is comically good at kicking footballs

At some point Greg Zuerlein will have to miss a field goal, just like at some point the sun will have to expand and swallow our deserted, desiccated home planet. In the meantime, the St. Louis Rams rookie is comically good at kicking footballs. In the first quarter of Week 4's Rams vs. Seahawks showdown, Zuerlein kicked a 58-yard field goal to put the Rams on the board. They're down 7-3, but at least the Seahawks understand, now, that the Rams' mediocre offense will only have to get within, say, 60 yards of those uprights to score some points.

Zuerlein has attempted six field goals from at least 40 yards out in his four-game career, and he's made all of them. He's got a huge leg, and as skeptical as most Rams fans were about drafting a kicker, Greg the Leg (or Young GZ, if you like your nicknames a little more street) has won most of St. Louis over with his astounding range and accuracy.

He's a kicker. He's the Rams' most exciting young player. That might be a bad thing, but at this point the Edward Jones Dome isn't going to take anything for granted, so long as it's exciting.