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Rams vs. Seahawks: Sam Bradford, Chris Givens connect on a 52-yard bomb (finally)

The St. Louis Rams might not know what to do with Brian Quick, but the other guy they drafted for Sam Bradford, Chris Givens, has A Very Particular Set of Skills: He can run really fast downfield, and Sam Bradford can throw him the ball. After a few misses early in the season, Bradford and Givens finally connected downfield vs. the Seattle Seahawks, for a 52-yard bomb that put them deep into Seattle territory to end the first quarter.

Unfortunately: Sam Bradford threw an interception almost immediately afterward. Brandon Gibson, who had a disastrous performance against the Chicago Bears in Week 3, either wasn't where he was supposed to be or wasn't where Sam Bradford thought he was; a Seattle Seahawks defender was, which ended an exciting drive before it could put the Rams in the end zone for their first touchdown.

For more Rams-Seahawks score updates, injury alerts, and fantasy football crap, stay tuned to our St. Louis Rams Week 4 storystream, where we're blogging live throughout the game. Hopefully we'll see more Chris Givens and less Brandon Gibson.