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Rams vs. Seahawks update: St. Louis rookie Trumaine Johnson intercepts Russell Wilson

St. Louis Rams rookie DB Trumaine Johnson got on the board with his first career interception Sunday, putting a hit on Doug Baldwin and simultaneously swiping the ball off the receiver's back arm. The interception—the Rams' sixth so far this season, and the second from their rookie secondary members—put the Rams back on the prowl at midfield, and marked Russell Wilson's first mistake so far. (The Seahawks rookie is now 8-for-10 with 85 yards and an interception.)

Johnson was part of Jeff Fisher's ambitious plan to remake the Rams' beleaguered secondary, which through a combination of injuries and ineffectiveness was one of the worst parts of perhaps the worst team in football. Janoris Jenkins, their second-round cornerback, picked off Matthew Stafford in Week 1; Cortland Finnegan, their big free-agent splash, has an interception in each of the Rams' first three weeks.

And now Trumaine Johnson, through a strange, physical, effective play, has an interception of his own. For more Rams vs. Seahawks score updates, injury alerts, and fantasy news, stay tuned to our Rams-Seahawks storystream, where we're just hoping Sam Bradford doesn't get himself killed holding onto the ball. (He was watching Aaron Rodgers on Monday, right?)