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Brian Quick converts a key third down for Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams finally found second-round wide receiver Brian Quick Sunday vs. the Seattle Seahawks, with Sam Bradford firing a bullet up the middle on third-and-long to hit Quick on the numbers for a 19-yard-gain that left them 10 yards from the end zone. Quick, who was inactive two weeks out of three to start his career and was targeted just once in his appearance, had become a concern among Rams fans who are maybe too acutely aware of Mardy Gilyard syndrome.

And now, after fellow rookie wide receiver Chris Givens picked up 52 yards on exactly the deep route the Rams drafted him for, the Rams' would-be-No.-1-of-the-future has a key reception of his own. Brian Quick may have a way to go before he fulfills all that raw-talent-y potential, but it won't take nearly all of that to climb up the Rams' depth chart; if he can just be, you know, occasionally competent, we'll be seeing a lot more of him.

Through most of the first half Bradford's targeted five different receivers, getting Brandon Gibson and Danny Amendola twice and going to Givens, Quick, and Austin Pettis once each. For more score updates, injury alerts, and fantasy notes, stay tuned to our liveblogged Rams-Seahawks storystream.