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Wild Card Update: St. Louis has magic number of two

St. Louis is very close to returning to the postseason to defend its tile.

Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The once muddled National League Wild Card race is all but settled. The Atlanta Braves will have the first wild card spot unless they make up a three-game deficit with three to play int he NL East. The second spot will belong to either the St. Louis Cardinals or the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Heading into the final three-game series of the season St. Louis has a magic number of two as they lead the Dodgers by two games. St. Louis will finish with three games at home against the Cincinnati Reds,while the Dodgers will face bitter rival San Francisco at home.

San Francisco has little to play for going into the final three games, as they are all but locked into the No. 3 seed. Cincinnati and Washington are tied for the best record overall in the National League, however, so the Reds and Nationals have home field advantage to play for in their final series.

Should St. Louis beat Atlanta for the wild card (whom they edged on the final day of last season) the Cardinals will travel to either Cincinnati or Washington, whomever has the better record.