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NFL Power Rankings: Rams 'Can Be Better' In 2012

Finishing a season 2-14 and earning the second pick in the NFL Draft usually doesn't yield the greatest results in the power rankings before the beginning of the ensuing season. The Rams, with new head coach Jeff Fisher, ranked toward the bottom in Joel Thorman's first power rankings of the regular season, although they did manage to rank ahead of four teams:

28. St. Louis Rams (LW: 28): I think this will be a better team but had trouble finding any way to get it higher on the list. Cornerback was a major weakness but now a strength. Sam Bradford should be better. Steven Jackson has some help. It can be better.

By trading down from the second pick to the sixth pick in a huge trade with the Redskins, the Rams began a rebuilding process that will feature many high draft picks in years to come. So while the future is bright for the franchise, Thorman doesn't believe the 2012 season is as bright.

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