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Isaiah Pead Notches Zero Touches In St. Louis Rams' Week 1 Loss

The St. Louis Rams have talked about Isaiah Pead as their running back of the future (and the lightning to Steven Jackson's thunder) since they drafted him in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft back in April, but in their Week 1 loss vs. the Detroit Lions he was invisible on offense, notching zero touches and finding himself behind Daryl Richardson on the depth chart. To put it simply: Sunday, Danny Amendola (one) had more carries than Isaiah Pead.

On special teams Pead made the Rams' lone kick return, taking it 25 yards downfield. But Danny Amendola handled the punt, and that was the extent of Pead's impact on the game. Steven Jackson, in spite of his ineffectiveness—he had just 53 yards on the ground—was only back to earn significant playing time, taking 21 carries and tying for the team lead with four receptions.

Eventually the Rams might find a need to rest Jackson a little more than they did last week, and when that happens we might get an extended chance to see what Isaiah Pead can do. But it must have been worrisome for him to watch Daryl Richardson, his seventh-round competition, take two carries for 20 yards.