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The San Francisco 49ers Look Really, Really Good Against The Green Bay Packers, Unfortunately

I don't mean to interrupt your complex reactions to the St. Louis Rams' near-miss loss vs. the Detroit Lions, but an NFC West update has come across the desk, and, uh—the San Francisco 49ers are beating up on the Green Bay Packers in the fourth quarter. It's 23-7 there, with 14 minutes left in the fourth quarter, as of this writing. They've held Aaron Rodgers to human-type quarterback numbers—20-for-28, 186 yards, one touchdown—and Alex Smith has been super-efficient, and Randy Moss has four catches and a touchdown, and it's bad, basically, is what I'm saying, if you're hoping the Rams can 7-9 their way into another NFC West playoff competition.


Obviously this is all very early, but if the best-case scenario for the Rams in year one of the Jeff Fisher era is for them to stick around .500 and maybe-just-maybe compete with a not-quite-solid 49ers team, the second half of that formulation looks a little more difficult than it did back when we thought the 49ers might be one-year-wonders.


If it's any consolation, over in the Cardinals-Seahawks game John Skelton and Russell Wilson are, early on in the fourth quarter, a combined 24-for-44 for 225 yards, a touchdown, and two interceptions.