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St. Louis Rams' defense a question mark all over again as Blake Williams exits

The St. Louis Rams decided against naming Blake Williams, Gregg Williams's son and the unofficial coordinator after his exit, the permanent defensive coordinator.


The St. Louis Rams' defensive coordinator situation—made confusing and controversial last season after Gregg Williams was suspended following the Saints bounty scandal—just got even weirder, if that was possible. Blake Williams, Williams's son, began his Rams career as linebacker coach. After his dad was suspended, Blake appeared to become the de facto defensive coordinator, calling plays for an incredibly young defense that looked nothing less than competent all year.

On Wednesday, he was fired. Just in case you thought you had some idea of what was going on inside Jeff Fisher's Rams Park.

Early reports from kremlinologists suggest Williams was removed because of his less-than-stellar interpersonal skills, but what happened to him is less interesting than what happens next. If it wasn't Gregg Williams, and it wasn't Blake Williams, whose defense did we just spend all of 2012 being mildly impressed by? Will the Rams be looking for somebody to maintain the existing system, or put yet another new one into place?

Right now we don't know much of anything about any of that. All we know is that we were wrong, yet again, about a defensive-minded Williams.