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2013 Super Bowl commercials: Hyundai Sante Fe plus The Flaming Lips equals Super Bowl commercial


For the 49ers and the Ravens, Sunday's football game is the most important one ever. The same goes for the fans of the Ravens and 49ers. However, for the millions and millions of NFL fans of other teams that will be tuning in, the Super Bowl will be just as much about the commercials and parties as the game itself. The Super Bowl is the most watched television program year in and year out, and it attracts huge companies to spend millions on two-minute long commercials in the hopes that their brand will be stuck in our heads.

Hyundai's commercial for the 2014 Santa Fe, titled "Epic Playdate," will definitely get stuck in your head. The commercial features a mother and father who decide to take their kids on a day filled with adventure at the park, the museum and in the family's car. The commercial's soundtrack is played by The Flaming Lips, and things just get weirder and weirder.