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2013 Super Bowl ads: Do you smell what The Rock is drinking? Milk

The Rock enjoys milk. So much so he'll do anything to get a gallon.

Michael N. Todaro

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is making his commercial debut on Sunday during the Super Bowl.

The Milk Mustache campaign hired the wrestler-turned-actor-turned-wrestler-again for their million-dollar spot on Sunday. It's the first time Johnson has appeared in a television commercial, and it's also the brand's first Super Bowl ad.

The commercial may feature a couple of first timers, but the ad's pretty good. Here's the extended version:

The Rock, clearly, has the power to do anything. But instead of saving a woman on the verge of being eaten by a lion, or saving the world, he chooses to buy some milk for three cute little girls.

The man has his priorities straight.

Although it's the "Milk Mustache Campaign" that brings you this ad, ironically, there are no milk mustaches to account for in the minute-plus spot. Perhaps with everything going on in the ad, they just decided to leave that little detail out.