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Super Bowl commercials 2013: Taco Bell, Jeep highlight game's ads

Taco Bell went in a humorous direction, while Jeep saluted the United States military. Both companies came up with great Super Bowl ads.

Christian Petersen

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers played in a hard-fought Super Bowl Sunday night, with the Ravens coming out on top, 34-31. That's relevant news, but there's an even bigger question occupying Americans' minds following the game: Which company had the best Super Bowl commercial?

The funniest commercial of the night may be up for debate, but it's hard to deny Taco Bell's ad featuring senior citizens out for a wild night was one of the best. It showed a group of elderly friends sneaking out of their assisted-living home and participating in activities generally reserved for young adults in their early 20's: jumping in a stranger's pool, dancing in a night club and getting a tattoo. At the end of the commercial, which features the youthful anthem "We Are Young" in Spanish, the rebellious old-timers capped off their night like so many other hell-raisers -- chowing down in a Taco Bell parking lot.

Some may have been uncomfortable watching a few people in their golden years acting out, but it was certainly entertaining.

Jeep took the opportunity to go in a serious direction, and the company was met by nearly universal approval. Featuring the theme song of HBO's World War II mini-series "The Pacific" and Oprah Winfrey narrating, the ad showed images of military members returning home to their families and participating in routine civilian life. Winfrey's narration described the importance and appreciation of U.S. soldiers and concluded with the powerful line, "Because when you're home, we're more than a family; we are a nation that is whole again."

Based on the initial reaction from social media outlets, there were more than a few tears shed during that commercial.