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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Rams grab two starters with first round picks

SB Nation's latest mock draft has the Rams taking Kenny Vaccaro and DeAndre Hopkins with their first round picks.


With the NFL Draft less than a month away, the St. Louis Rams still sit in a great position with two first-round picks. They could upgrade their secondary and grab a productive receiver to replace Danny Amendola -- and some draft experts have them doing just that.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar released his latest mock draft on Monday. He has the Rams taking Texas S Kenny Vaccaro with the 16th overall pick:

With Dallas and Cincinnati picking behind them, the Rams may not want to risk losing out on Vaccaro. He's an excellent coverage safety that can drop back in zone or press the slot. A wide receiver will get consideration, but there will be one out there with the 22nd pick. Vaccaro may not be.

And with the 22nd overall pick, St. Louis' gambit pays off in Kadar's mock, nabbing Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins:

See how this works out? If the Rams go after a safety at 16, they don't have to worry about the position drying out by pick 22. In our last mock, they went wide receiver at 16 and Vaccaro and Cyprien were gone by 22 so we pushed Eddie Lacy into this spot. In this scenario, the Rams could take the best available wide receiver. Hopkins is our top wide out this year, and he's a dangerous outside receiver.

Tavon Austin and Keenan Allen are other possibilities for the Rams if they're available at either of these two spots.

Check out Mocking The Draft's complete scouting reports for Vaccaro and Hopkins.

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