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Aaron Hooks is managing editor for and is or has been a contributor to Baseball Digest, Yahoo! Sports, AOL Fanhouse, InsideSTL and Bleacher Report. He currently resides in St. Louis. Follow him on Twitter.

Real Talk: Rams Exit Playoff Race Without A Fight

Adrian Peterson jammed the Rams' playoff chances down their throats and confirmed the lack of interest from St. Louis and beyond in this match-up.

Somehow, Buffalo even more depressing today

Hard to believe, I know. But Buffalo is not happy about losing to the St. Louis Rams. Or anything else for that matter. Let's just hope the Rams made it out of there OK...

After 150 minutes, the Rams finally beat the 49ers

It took almost 150 minutes, but the Rams and 49ers finally came to a conclusion. And the Good Guys came out on top. Somewhere Ken Norton Jr. is working an innocent goalpost for all the right reasons.

The Rams Are Good In Bed?

At least one of the Twitter faithful comes to that conclusion. Plus RGIII Turkey Day antics making Bradford look bad and the rise of Janoris Jenkins. All in Rams Real Talk for Week 12.

Rams Real Talk: An irrelevant hangover

Gross. That was totally gross. The St. Louis Rams are regressing to the mean, which seems to be irrelevance.

Real Talk: Rams awesome (or terrible) vs. 49ers

Are you a positive person? Are you a negative person? The Rams - 49ers game is going to test your resolve either way.

Why are all the NFL headsets naked?

The headsets are naked because Motorola passed on renewing a sponsorship deal. Do you know how much exposure they're losing out on?

Rams Real Talk: Sorry, England

And by poorly, we mean they got SMOKED by the Patriots. We couldn't even muster up the energy for a bunch of punny lines about their scones getting kicked in. Except for that one.

Rams Real Talk: Winning (porn) hearts and minds

The Rams aren't picking up wins, but are winning over the porn community. So at least we've got that going for us. Plus the rest of Rams Real Talk for Week 7.

Rams Real Talk for Week 5

What were you doing in 2006? Because that's the last time the STL Rams had a winning record. But after beating the Cardinals Thursday night, they're back in business.