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Aaron Hooks is managing editor for and is or has been a contributor to Baseball Digest, Yahoo! Sports, AOL Fanhouse, InsideSTL and Bleacher Report. He currently resides in St. Louis. Follow him on Twitter.

Rams Real Talk: Week 4

No BS. Just some real talk about the St. Louis Rams and their Week 4 win against the Seattle Seahawks.

Rams Real Talk for Week 3

Benny Hill, insulting the legacy of Steve Sabol and the regression of Samuel Bradford. It's Rams Real Talk for Week 3.

St. Louis Rams Real Talk: Week 2

Sweaty Arms. Steven Jackson's private parts. An an introduction to the most dirty, despised team in sports. Oh, and Kenny Wallace thinks the Rams are headed to the Playoffs.

St. Louis Rams Real Talk: Week 1

The Rams lost to the Lions and got trolled by Urkel, but things could have gone worse.

St. Louis Rams Real Talk: Preseason Week 4

The Rams have finished a preseason filled with Glenn Beck, Celine Dion and some questionable patronage. But not before a mother-brocking injury and Adam Jones getting mad at Baltimore.

St. Louis Rams Real Talk: Preseason Week 3

The St. Louis Rams were cursed by Glenn Beck, serenaded by Celine Dion, and found a Pro Bowl kicker. Real Talk: Preseason Week 3

St. Louis Rams Real Talk: Preseason Week 2

The St. Louis Rams even their record to 1-1 and win the Governor's Cup, which is a real thing. We have a behind-the-scenes look.

Real Talk For The St. Louis Rams' Preseason Week 1

2012 is off to a scintillating start, huh? Unless you're a Rams fan.

Road Trip: 10 Terrible Pictures From St. Louis Rams Training Camp

You want to see 'offensive sets' or 'focus' in your photos of Rams Training Camp? You've come to the wrong place.

What The St. Louis Rams Need To Do To Be... Average

We're not expecting a miracle. Just something that will keep us awake on Sunday afternoons.