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Alex was created in 1980 by the multinational conglomerate Proctor & Gamble and discontinued in 1988 after protests in China turned violent. He now resides comfortably in South City with his wife and dog.

Dugout Abbey's Christmas Spectacular

Have Yourself a Merry Little Berkmas.

Dugout Abbey faces the offseason

So what do the Cardinals do now?

Late Night With Wainwright, with Torty Craig!

Our favorite pitcher/talk show host sits down with our favorite talking tortoise.

Matt Holliday goes to market.

He can't do anything right.

Chris Carpenter explains his pre-game routine.

Chris Carpenter talks with Fox Sports Midwest about how he prepares for big games.

Dugout Abbey Checks In Before Game One

And Pete Kozma explains his performance this year.

The Curious Case of Corporal Daniel Descalso, USMC

Have you ever thought Daniel Descalso looks like a World War Two vet? If you did, you have a very keen eye.

Lance Berkman sits down with Carp, Torty & Waino.

Lets start NLDS Elimination Day with a visit to Berkman In The Morn'an!

The Ghost of Dugout Abbey

Freese, Yadi, and Waino get together to talk postseason, only to be interrupted by... A GHOST?!?

Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey

Chris Carpenter sits down for an exclusive one on one, tonight on LATE NIGHT WITH WAINWRIGHT!