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Chris Vannini is a native Michigander who writes about Michigan State and the Detroit Tigers for a few places, formerly of The Only Colors. This means he lives in a place where hockey is a real sport. As a first-grader, he finished second in a pinewood derby race to a kid who broke lightspeed. But he's not bitter, since he got a cut of the space cash.

Cardinals Vs. Reds: St. Louis Falls 3-2 In 10 Innings On Walk-Off Homer

The Cardinals lost to the Reds for the second straight game, this time in extras.

Cardinals Vs. Reds: Cincinnati Takes 1-0 Lead In 5th Inning

The Reds have taken a 1-0 lead over the Cardinals in the fifth inning.

2012 Blues Offseason: 2013 Stanley Cup Odds Released

The Blues have been given 12/1 odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup