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Dan Moore has been writing about baseball on the internet since that was a novel thing to do. A graduate of the University of Missouri, he lives in Springfield, Illinois.

Will any Cards make the Hall? Well, probably not

The St. Louis Cardinals have several players on the Hall of Fame ballot, but they won't reach Cooperstown this year.

Will the Rams draft a receiver again?

NFL Mock Drafts will continue to suggest otherwise, but it might be that the St. Louis Rams have enough young, up-and-coming wide receivers.

Lance Berkman will get $10 million in Texas

The Texas Rangers paid Lance Berkman for 2013 nearly as much as the St. Louis Cardinals paid him for 2012.

Which poet will be visiting Springfield, Illinois?

The 2013 Cardinals Caravan will leave St. Louis and venture as far as Tennessee. Are they coming to your town?

Kyle Lohse is still on the bench

Kyle Lohse is still a free agent, just in case you haven't thought about him since the St. Louis Cardinals gave him an obligatory qualifying offer.

Blake Williams is out as Rams reshuffle D again

The St. Louis Rams decided against naming Blake Williams, Gregg Williams's son and the unofficial coordinator after his exit, the permanent defensive coordinator.

Royals sign Miguel Tejada in 2013

You will be surprised to learn someone signed Miguel Tejada; you will not be surprised to learn who signed Miguel Tejada.

Adrian Peterson can't catch Dickerson

Adrian Peterson finished fewer than 10 yards short of Eric Dickerson's all-time rushing record.

Rams fall just short against Seahawks

The St. Louis Rams just missed taking out the Seattle Seahawks in Week 17.

Peterson chases Dickerson with time running out

Adrian Peterson doesn't have much time left, but Eric Dickerson's all-time NFL rushing record is within his sights as the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings chase playoff berths.