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A native of St. Louis, MO, Laura has been living in Atlanta, GA since 1993. It was a hockey wasteland, and Laura - a Blues fan from age 8 - got by with newspaper clippings her family sent her about the Blues and NHL94. In 1999 the Thrashers came to town, and she was a fan from the first game through their very last. This, coupled with her love of the Blues, drug her into blogging feet first. Laura writes irreverent and occasionally insightful commentary on the St. Louis Blues (and formerly the Atlanta Thrashers) on her own blog, Thrashing the Blues. She contributed to Birdwatchers Anonymous, but more often than not can be found at her home away from home, St. Louis Game Time, where she writes the weekly(ish) feature Tuesdays With Hildy.

David Backes not optimistic any more over CBA.

After today's NHL/NHLPA meeting, Blues captain David Backes no longer feels like a deal is doable in the near future.

Backes feels new CBA a step in the right direction

The Blues captain thinks that the new CBA offer is a step in the right direction, and an important start to getting an 82 game season started as soon as possible.

Vladimir Tarasenko suffers concussion

Blues' forward and top prospect Vladimir Tarasenko was injured while playing Saturday for SKA St. Petersburg.

Backes, McDonald offer thoughts on NHL lockout

It doesn't seem that NHL players are optimistic about the end of the lockout, especially two members of the St. Louis Blues.

Blues' Opening Game In Colorado Lost To Lockout

Tonight's Blues at Avalanche game won't be happening thanks to the NHL lockout and the official loss of the first two weeks of the season.

Four Blues On ESPN Top 25 Under 25 List

Youthful talent is something that the Blues have in spades, with even ESPN taking note.

Tarasenko Would Be Linemates With Steen, McDonald

Sure, there's no season to worry about as of right now, but if there were, Blues fans would be treated to Alex Steen, Andy McDonald, and Vladimir Tarasenko on a line.

NHL Cancels First Two Weeks Of Games

The NHL's cancelled their first two weeks of games due to the ongoing NHL lockout. Eighty-two games are now off of the schedule.

NHL Scab Players: Would You Go Watch?

There's been talk about hiring replacement players for the duration of the lockout. Would you go watch them just to watch some sort -- any sort of NHL hockey?

Vladimir Tarasenko Scores A Goal For The Ages

Blues prospect Vladimir Tarasenko scored his fourth goal for SKA St. Petersburg since joining the team. That's three more than Ilya Kovalchuk.