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Matt Sebek is the managing editor of, a national sports humor publication that surpassed 1.2 million visitors in 2009. He also hosts the "JoeSportsFan Show" web show - a weekly digital jamboree that celebrates (read: and self-depricates) the past week in St. Louis sports.

Episode 12 Of The JoeSportsFan Show: The One With Tom Lawless

JoeSportsFan is back in action this week with a 10-minute synopsis of their favorite stories throughout the weird, wild world of St. Louis sports.

Episode 11 Of The JoeSportsFan Show: The One With José Oquendo

The JoeSportsFan guys give us: The One With Jose Oquendo.

The JoeSportsFan Show: A Weekly St. Louis Sports Video Jamboree

The JoeSportsFan show makes its way to SB Nation St. Louis.