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Nathan Grimm works for the Highland News Leader by day and writes for SB Nation St. Louis by...well, early afternoon. He lives in Wood River with his fiancee and their two dogs. Reports that he'd rather watch Glee than most sporting events are unfounded.

What The St. Louis Cardinals Should Make Of Kyle Lohse's Stellar Contract Year

Kyle Lohse's pitching has been so irreplaceable that the Cardinals will have to replace him.

Luckily For The St. Louis Cardinals, Adam Wainwright Is Still Good At Pitching

The Cardinals' ace is still Adam Wainwright--and he's nearly as good as he's ever been.

The St. Louis Cardinals' Hunt For A Competent Second Baseman

Will the Cardinals ever find a second baseman worth playing two years in a row?

The St. Louis Cardinals, Center Fielders And Former Center Fielders

The St. Louis Cardinals traded Colby Rasmus for a championship in 2011. Just how much do they miss him in 2012, with Jon Jay injured?

The St. Louis Cardinals And The MLB Trade Deadline: An Appeal For Patience

The St. Louis Cardinals have a lot of prospects, and a chance to contend. But maybe they should be patient ahead of the 2012 MLB Trade Deadline.

MLB Draft 2012: The St. Louis Cardinals' Cape Cod League Fatal Attraction

The St. Louis Cardinals have shown a strong preference for taking Cape Cod League alumni in the 2012 MLB Draft. But is it a healthy infatuation?

When Guessing Meets Amateur Punditry: A Look At Some Scenarios For The St. Louis Cardinals In Tonight's MLB Draft

So what are the Cardinals' options in the first round of tonight's MLB Draft? An uneducated guess as to which direction(s) the club might go.

2012 MLB Draft: The Lost Transcript: Jeff Luhnow Talks St. Louis Cardinals, Draft Mentality Last June

Last year we talked to Jeff Luhnow about draft strategy and the business of baseball. Here's what Luhnow, then a St. Louis Cardinals bigwig and now set to pick first overall in the 2012 MLB Draft as the Houston Astros' general manager, had to say.

Adam Wainwright, David Freese, And Some Numbers To Watch In June

The St. Louis Cardinals are beginning to show they are who we thought they were. What do these stats from Adam Wainwright, David Freese, and Tyler Greene say about the rest of their season?

Chris Carpenter And The St. Louis Cardinals' Rotational Surplus

The St. Louis Cardinals have had worse problems than wondering what to do with Lance Lynn when Chris Carpenter comes back from injury.