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Nathan Grimm works for the Highland News Leader by day and writes for SB Nation St. Louis by...well, early afternoon. He lives in Wood River with his fiancee and their two dogs. Reports that he'd rather watch Glee than most sporting events are unfounded.

With St. Louis Cardinals' Stolen Bases Up, Mike Matheny's No La Russa On The Bases

The St. Louis Cardinals are more aggressive on the basepaths with Mike Matheny at the helm, even if it's not exactly Whiteyball. But they won't abandon caution.

The St. Louis Cardinals, Matt Holliday, And Early-Season Expectations

A look at Matt Holliday and Mitchell Boggs's performance over their fraught first 10 games of the St. Louis Cardinals' 2012 season.

Can Jaime Garcia Thrive Under The St. Louis Cardinals' New Management?

The St. Louis Cardinals are under new management. Can Jaime Garcia thrive with Dave Duncan no longer pitching pitching to contact?