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Travis is a 2002 graduate of Purdue University with a B.A. in Communications and minors in Creative Writing and History. He founded the Purdue college sports blog 'Off the Tracks' before moving to SB Nation's umbrella and renaming the blog Hammer & Rails. Travis coordinates SB Nation Indiana's college and high school football coverage. Yes, even the Indiana University coverage (though it pains him to do so). Travis can be barked at on Twitter by IU and Purdue fans alike at @HammerAndRails

Cardinals Vs. Giants, 2012 NLCS 3rd Inning Update

Lance Lynn has only given up one walk through three innings

St. Louis' Magic Number Is Two

St. Louis is very close to returning to the postseason to defend its tile.

N.L. Wild Card Standings: St. Louis Holds 2.5 Game Edge

The Cardinals are on the verge of returning to the playoffs.

Redskins Vs. Rams 2012: The Best Game Of Sam Bradford's Career?

Turf Show Times believes that Sam Bradford and the Rams turned a corner on Sunday.

Chris Carpenter Injury: Former Ace To Pitch On Friday

The return of Chris Carpenter could be a huge postseason boost for St. Louis.

N.L. Wild Card Standings: St. Louis Is Up One WIth 15 to play

The Cardinals are fighting to defend their 2011 World Championship.

Cardinals Vs. Brewers Game Recap: St. Louis Falls 6-3

The Cardinals drop their second game of the weekend to Milwaukee.

N.L. Wild Card Standings: St. Louis Hanging On

St. Louis failed to separate itself in the wild card race.

Cardinals Vs. Astros: Cardinals Begin Week With A Day Off

The Cardinals fell two games behind Pittsburgh for the final Wild Card spot on Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. St. Louis Rams Injury Report: Sam Bradford Doubtful