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NHL lockout finally over!

Talks broke down on Thursday, but the tireless efforts of federal mediator Scot Beckenbaugh might just bring them back on the rails.

Tarasenko, Schwartz named TSN top prospects

Two of the players Blues fans are most excited about seeing in the Note, Vladimir Tarasenko and Jaden Schwartz, were named to TSN's Top 30 Affiliated Prospects list.

Blues least valuable NHL team, as per Forbes

Forbes' annual "Business of Hockey" report doesn't paint the rosiest picture for the Blues, but is it really that huge of a deal?

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Does the lockout make you want to give up hockey?

The NHL Lockout has killed two months of the season and is about to kill a third; has it also killed your love of hockey?

Cam Janssen organizes Blues charity game

Cam Janssen's a tough guy on the ice, but off the ice his charity work for victims of Hurricane Sandy is showing that he and the current and former Blues players participating have hearts of gold.

Ken Hitchcock To Host Coaching Seminars

Blues' head coach and Jack Adams winner Ken Hitchcock wants to teach community coaches how to be a bench boss like he is. Defense first hockey will be sweeping St. Louis shortly.

NHL Scab Players: Would You Go Watch?

There's been talk about hiring replacement players for the duration of the lockout. Would you go watch them just to watch some sort -- any sort of NHL hockey?

Pietrangelo's contract length could be CBA issue.

Will Alex Pietrangelo be able to get the length deal he'd like to have under whatever contract limits the new CBA imposes? Here's hoping yes.

David Backes disappointed in recent CBA talks

The Blues' captain has been a strong voice for the NHLPA during the CBA talks, and with the most recent talks breaking down, he's unhappy.

Want to see some hockey? Of course you do.

The Illinois Office of Tourism is running a swell contest in which you can win a set of four tickets and a $50 gas card for minor league hockey.

Is Chris Pronger's career over?

Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger has moved back to St. Louis, and it appears that his career might be done.

David Backes answers questions in Reddit AMA

It's a shame it's too late to submit questions to David Backes in today's Reddit AMA, but it's never too late to read the great questions and answers from the captain himself.

David Backes is still involved with the CBA talks

The captain of the St. Louis Blues is still a vital part of the group of NHLPA members working toward a resolution of the current CBA negotiation problems

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Alex Steen injured in Swedish Elite League

Alex Steen suffered a "thigh tear" while playing in the Swedish Elite League. He could miss three weeks—but then, so could the St. Louis Blues. gives Tarasenko some love

Vladimir Tarasenko makes ESPN's Top 20 Prospects Outside NHL. More reasons for Blues fans to be excited, whenever the season manages to start.

Should the NHL try for an 82 game season?

With a month gone, is it really that good of an idea to try to cram in a full schedule?

Backes feels new CBA a step in the right direction

The Blues captain thinks that the new CBA offer is a step in the right direction, and an important start to getting an 82 game season started as soon as possible.

Backes, McDonald offer thoughts on NHL lockout

It doesn't seem that NHL players are optimistic about the end of the lockout, especially two members of the St. Louis Blues.

Four Blues On ESPN Top 25 Under 25 List

Youthful talent is something that the Blues have in spades, with even ESPN taking note.

NHL Cancels First Two Weeks Of Games

The NHL's cancelled their first two weeks of games due to the ongoing NHL lockout. Eighty-two games are now off of the schedule.

John Davidson to Leave St. Louis Blues

Blues' president of hockey operations John Davidson will be leaving the team due to a contract buyout.

The Blues' Biggest Rival: The Blackhawks

Nearly all of the Central Division teams share an element of rivalry with the Blues, but one has stood out over the years as the biggest of them all: the Chicago Blackhawks.

Mike McKenna's New Mask Is STL In Equipment Form's outdone themselves with Mike McKenna's stunning new mask.

NHL Lockout: Roman Polak Signs Deal With HC Vitkovice

St. Louis Blues defenseman becomes the latest to leave due to the NHL lockout, joining back with Czech League team HC Vitkovice.

NHL Lockout: League Cancels All Preseason Games Through September 30

The NHL has announced the cancellation of 61 games across the league because of the ongoing labor dispute with the NHLPA.

Some Blues Looking To Play, May Head Overseas For Lockout

Several members of the St. Louis Blues will be joining the ranks of European teams, with more probably to come.

NHL Lockout Begins, League Plays Nice With Fans

The NHL's released their official statement on the lockout, and it still manages to pretend to almost try to make the fans feel special.

Ahead Of Tonight's Lockout, Blues Make Player Moves

The NHL Lockout starts tonight at 11:00 Central Time, so the Blues had some decisions to make about younger talent. Many NHL caliber players will be suiting up for the Peoria Rivermen this season.

Gary Bettman "Feels Terrible" About NHL Lockout

The NHL owners and Commissioner Gary Bettman seem to be more dismissive of the players' concerns than ever as professional hockey seems destined for a lockout.

Detroit Red Wings Sign Former Blues Defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo

The Detroit Red Wings have signed former Blues defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo to a two year $5 million contract.

Blues' Patrik Berglund Introduces FLOW Fitness App, Skates With Kids

Blues' forward Patrik Berglund will be promoting the FLOW fitness/training app at the St. Louis Mills Ice Zone Thursday, September 13th.

One Year After Lokomotiv Crash, The Hockey World Is Still Stunned